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Thank you for your interest in The Kindred of Windfola, enclosed here you will find all the information you need to help you decide if we are the kinship for you!

Who are we?

The Kindred is made up of a variety of people from different backrounds, gaming styles, cultures, and languages. We have joined together for a common purpose: to have fun in a caring, welcoming, and familial environment. We have been active on Windfola server for just over 2 years (recently celebrated!)

We are a casual kinship that doesn't lean to the hardcore approach; we are simply here to have fun without the demands, or constraints of an organized raiding culture. Our kinmates have entrusted the officers and I to steer this kinship in the direction we see fit, and every step of the way, the kinship as a whole is consulted with monthly meetings, and updates on our active forums.

How do you apply?

From our main site, you will find in the top right corner an "Apply Here" link. Fill out the application and be sure to read our Code of conduct (located in the top left margin) as it goes into great detail just what we stand for, and what rules and regulations exist in our kinship. Your application will be reviewed by an officer and you will be contacted in game. We believe in a brief, but informative interview process to get to know our applicants.

You can seek out our players in game by typing in "/who The Kindred"
from any chat channel. This will bring up the fellowing screen in social panel, where you will see any of our members online. Feel free to speak with us, and ask any questions.

Our Windfola Friends!

The Kindred doesn't fly solo, we have over time built up relationships with other kinships we have met in our journeys and we work together! The Kindred is in an alliance with the Light and Flame kinship, as well as HeartSeekers. We hope to expand our family in the fall adding a few more members to this great alliance. We use a custom chat channel to communicate, and our forums share public info so our members and theirs can see events on our respective calenders.

The WAC: The Kindred is one of 17 kinships allied together under the banner The Windfola Alliance Charter. Through this alliance, it offers our members who want to compete in high end content on a regular basis, while still being a great contributing member of our kinship, to do so. There are regularly scheduled Dar Nargabud, Watcher, Turtle runs, and soon to be regular Barad Guldor runs set up. There is also PVMP events, and general ad hoc groups formed using our custom chat channel.

On behalf of The Kindred, I hope this has allowed you to gain a better understanding of who we are, and how we like to spend our time. Hope to see you in game!

-Geliroth, Leader of the Kindred of Windfola.

Geliroth - 65 Runekeeper (SM Tailor)
Hieweigh - 65 Burglar (SM Scholar)
Gherost - 58 Warden (SM Cook, SM Jeweller)
Rhetorical - 65 LoreMaster (GM Tailor)
Belnothia - 52 Captain (Master Weapons)
Geleroc - 54 Ministrel (Explorer)
Allesse - 48 Hunter (Woodworker, Farmer)
Thormere - 30 Champion (Metalworker)
Heightened - 16 Gaurdian (no craft)

They call me Gel... that's a hard G sound, like.. Gravy..mmm Gravy..
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