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The Kindred would like to welcome you to LOTRO!

We are accepting applicants from all levels of subscription, including Free To Play. However, Free to Play applicants please note that a promotion to full member status will be issued only after one full month of active service in the Kindred.

With full member status comes access to our Kinship House, and the resources within, that are always available to our members.

Hope to see you in game!


Geliroth - 65 Runekeeper (SM Tailor)
Hieweigh - 65 Burglar (SM Scholar)
Gherost - 58 Warden (SM Cook, SM Jeweller)
Rhetorical - 65 LoreMaster (GM Tailor)
Belnothia - 52 Captain (Master Weapons)
Geleroc - 54 Ministrel (Explorer)
Allesse - 48 Hunter (Woodworker, Farmer)
Thormere - 30 Champion (Metalworker)
Heightened - 16 Gaurdian (no craft)

They call me Gel... that's a hard G sound, like.. Gravy..mmm Gravy..
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