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Dinendae / May 14, 2012
In an attempt to re-vitalize the Kindred, we have made a few changes to our leadership line up!

Dinendae has taken the reins of Leadership and will keep our kinship moving forward! He has a history of guild leadership as he once was a guild leader in (sorry for the foul language) World of Warcraft. Having spent 3 years being a leader there has imparted a wide scope of skills in diplomacy and creativity that we hope will help push the Kindred to the next level!

Coenawulf has agreed to return to the Co-Leader position and help our somewhat insane leader get the wheels moving! Thank you VERY much for your selfless sacrifice for our kin-mates!

SuperVlad has re-affirmed his position as Senior Assistant Chief and will be there to keep our kin-mates in line...or is it lead the charge of insanity? Either way, we should be seeing great things from him...

Sabercat has decided to take an extended break from LotRO, but do not be surprised to see him pop in from time to time. He has agreed that being 'demoted' to Kinsman is what is best for the Kin, since this will free up a space on the Officer's Council to be back filled.

Geliroth stepped down from his leadership role to pursue his education and assist his family in real life. He occasionally pops in on the Kin Website to see how we are doing and offer advice. His official role/rank in the kinship is that of 'Kinsman', but he has administrative access to the website so that he can assist the officers with maintaining it as he is very experienced with managing it. We will be back filling his officer position.

Oldmani has been having issues of a medical nature that he did not want to burden the Kindred with. That is why he removed his characters from the kin. He is still a valued member of the Kindred and still plays LotRO (even if infrequently). If you see him in game, treat him with the respect and honor due to any member of the Kindred!

Auk has decided along with Ponch to retire from the Kindred in order to pursue a smaller more tight knit kinship with a couple of their closest friends. We will be looking to back fill his officer's position.

Razz has gone missing. Reports are that he was immersed in SW:TOR for a while, but has not been seen in many weeks...months...possibly years. We have dispatched search parties into the depths of Moria in search of clues to his whereabouts, but hope is slipping away. We shall be returning his rank to Kinsman until such a time as he is safely returned to us.