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This walk-through assumes that you have already made a signature based on the walk-through shown in Building a 'Basic' Signature.

This walk-through will show you how to modify your 'Basic' Signature into to a 'click-able' link to the Character information on the My LotRO Community site. It will look and act like this one:

First you are going to start out with the Basic Signature Code. It will look like this:

Now you will have to get the web address for your specific character. You get that by logging into your My Lotro Community account and navigating to your character:

It will then take you to your character's profile:

Go to the web address bar and copy the web address:

Paste this into a notepad so that you can modify this. You will need to add code to the beginning and the end.

Add [url= to the beginning and then add ] at the end.

After that you will add the entire code from the 'Basic' Signature to the end, and follow it with [/url].

After all those adjustments...the code should look like this: