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Website Guides
First, you will have to log into the My LotRO Community website and create your Character Signature there:

1> log into your account.
2> in the upper right hand corner, Hover over 'My Preferances' and click 'My Forum Settings'
see image below:

Now you should see a menu on the left:

Click on the option for 'Edit Signature' and it will open a menu for you to select which character. Then select your options for what you want your Signature to look like:

Copy the second set of code into a notepad, because you will have to make a modification to it:

Change the <img scr=' to [img].
Next change the '></img> to a [/img]
This will make it a 'Basic' Signature.

The Code should look like this:

and this will be the results in the forums: