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Oaths of Conduct
The Kindred Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is broken into several parts, those parts are as follows:

Goals for the Kinship
What to Expect from Our Members
What to Expect from Our Kinship
Fellowship and Looting Policy
About Kinship Chiefs and Leader
About this Code
Loyalty Agreement
Revision History

Goals for the Kinship
The Kindred is a casual Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) Kinship on the Windfola server. We are a mature environment of friendly and active LOTRO players who are looking to have fun and support each other while completing individual and group in-game goals. We are not a Kinship focused solely on end game content, however there are alliances, in place to allow flexibility for members who want to pursue that path, while remaining a valued contributing member of the kinship.

All of us are in LOTRO to have fun. By being in a kin, we need to acknowledge and respect that others are in this game to have fun as well. We need to show respect and common courtesy to others in the kinship, via Kinship Chat, Officer Chat, Fellowship, Raid Chat, or personal tells. We must also as members of the Kindred respect others who play this game that are not in our Kinship via any of the other channels, especially any alliance channels. When using a voice communication tool such as Ventrilo, or the supplied in game voice chat, It is also required of all Kindred members regardless of position within the kinship to conduct yourself in a manner that reflects the ideals set out in this code of conduct. Any breach in the above may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal pending an investigation.

What to expect from our members?
We DO NOT welcome drama or conflict, obscene language or cursing, discriminatory behavior of ANY kind, and negative attitudes or ill behavior that impede the fun and comfort of others in the game. If a kin member is found to be a target of such behavior, please contact any kin officer for advice in resolving it. If such incident escalates, report it with as many as details as possible to Turbine under category Harassment. If a kin mate engages in negative behavior of any kind, they will be subject to disciplinary actions, which shall range from a warning to a temporary or permanent suspension from kin.

If there is a problem that occurs between two kin members, please bring this problem to the attention of one of the kin chiefs first with all the required details. Do not escalate the issue with name calling and other negative behavior. If the problem is not resolved soon, bring it to the attention of the kin leader (or co-leader) directly. After the problem is resolved or adjudicated, the matter shall be kept CONFIDENTIAL by all those involved and the kin members in question shall remain respectful to each other, on any and all communication channels, and especially when not interacting directly.

What to expect from our kinship?
We are a Kinship that promotes helping each other, and sharing, as such all members of the kin will be helped with questing, crafted gear, crafting materials, finishing their deeds and traits. All kin members are expected to help others in the kin with some of the previously listed tasks at times that are convenient for them. It's important to not demand help, but seek help through the Kinship, and understand that people can be busy an unable to help right away.

If you cannot find help with a quest inside the kin, you are advised to look for people via Looking For Fellowship (LFF) channel, friends list, any alliance channels, or post a request for help on the kin forums and notify one of the officers or the kin leader about it.

No kin member should expect the kin to power-level their characters, craft gear without supplying the mats, or give any items free of charge. If some kin mates are willing to provide extra help, such help should be acknowledged and appreciated.

Fellowships and Looting Policy
For all Kinship runs, the fellowship/raid leader should state the loot rules before the run begins. Generally most groups do a roll/pass system, but free for all is an option only whereby all members of the fellowship agree.
All boss fights should be Master Looting with Round Robin to avoid any accidental rolls, or loss of a BOA item by mistake.

Before starting any run, be on time, responsible for what items you need for the run (scrolls, potions, food), and show a level of respect that is detail within this Code of Conduct. Remember, we promote fun enjoyable experiences. Any issues that should arise that may be in violation of this code should be brought to the attention to an officer/leader.

About Kinship Chiefs and Leader
Each Kin Chief shall act not only as mentors to other Kinship members, but assist the Kinship Leader in decisions requiring their valued opinions. Chiefs are not to invite people without a prior application filed on the forums, and those applications should be reviewed to ensure only people that are a good fit for our Kinship. If a Chief is not able to fulfill their duties or become inactive for a prolonged period of time, they will step down, or be demoted by the Kinship Leader and another person shall assume their role as voted upon by the other chiefs.

The Kinship Leader acts as an ambassador for the Kinship, seeking alliances, and working with other kinships for mutual benefit. The Leader is also responsible for acting in accordance with the Code of Conduct, and is not exempt from it's clauses. The Leader will assist members in need when they can, provide support, or guidance, and help new members get situated. The Kinship Leader also will head any investigations regarding breach of conduct, and will assist in finding a swift decision, working with all parties involved.

About This Code
As a member of The Kindred, all members are expected to follow this Code of Conduct at all times. This equally applies when interacting with members of the kin, alliance members, as well as people outside the kin. Kinship Chiefs and Leader are also expected to demonstrate very friendly and mature behavior at all times and serve as an example to everyone else in the kinship.

Loyalty Agreement
As a member of the Kindred, you are expected to NOT have characters in other kinships. If there are circumstances that require one or more of your characters to be in another Kinship, you must bring this matter to the Kindred's Leader. These matters will be discussed confidentially between the Kindred's Leader, and Officers, and will be managed on a case by case basis. Failure to inform the leadership, and upon discovery that a member has characters in another Kinship may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. The purpose for this is to ensure the discussions of a private matter, or items from our Kinship house do not fall into the hands of others outside of the Kinship.

Currently, the Kindred is part of the Windfola Alliance Charter, and in an alliance with Light and Flame. When communicating with members of an alliance the same above rules apply. If you are involved in any conflict, or you are the target of any undesired behavior, or actions, please communicate this immediately to the Kindred's Leadership.

Cross-recruiting between Light and Flame and the Kindred is forbidden unless brought to the attention of the leaders of both kinships first. The Leadership of Light and Flame should be treated with the same level of respect and authority that you afford to the leaders of The Kindred. Feel free to contact their leaders if you cannot get a hold of one of the leaders of the Kindred.

Cross-recruiting between the Kindred and other kinships in the Windfola Alliance is also forbidden. This does not prevent someone from another Alliance Kinship from applying and being accepted into the Kindred. It simply means that no member or officer of the Kindred will seek to recruit another Alliance Kinship's members. If an applicant is a current or previous member of a Windfola Alliance kin, then the former kinship will be notified of the application and the application will be discussed with them. If the Alliance kinleader agrees, then the application process will continue. Keep in mind that the performance of an applicant in a member kinship WILL play a role in whether an application is accepted for membership in the Kindred. Upon submission of an application by a current or former member of an Alliance Kinship, The Kinleader or Alliance Representative will contact that Kinship's Kinleader or Alliance Representative to discuss the application and applicant.

August 08, 2010, added the Alliances section, and updated information regarding communication.
October 26th, 2010 added the Fellowships and Looting policy section.
May 2nd, 2011 made minor corrections for coding and color.
September 24, 2012 clarified Loyalty Agreement in regards to Windfola Alliance cross-recruiting.